Virtual Training Packages

Train from the comfort of your own home or in the gym with a real PT on your phone. 

Our plans are developed by experienced personal trainers which you have direct contact with for support and motivation.

We have multiple training packages along with nutritional packages to suit your needs and goals.


Choose your plan

Choose your plan

sign up to the plan which suits your needs and goals the best, if you are unsure please contact us for advice.

Setup the TrueCoach App 

We use an app called TrueCoach which is available on Android and iOS to deliver our plans to you, you should receive an invitation to join once you have signed up

Fly to your fitness goals

With on going support from a real Personal Trainer we will help you achieve your goals with check ins and motivation. you have direct contact with a personal trainer via the app.



Can’t gain weight or build muscle? The gainer plan is constructed for just that just want to get bigger. Our method is simple, straight forward and proven to get results. We will take a look at your starting weight and training experience (it’s fine if you’ve never trained before) and set you a plan between 12-20 weeks to get you the transformation you deserve.


The Shredder plan is designed for those who are looking to cut some excess bodyweight, expose those abs. Perhaps you’re getting ready for a holiday or a wedding? We will take your existing weight and training experience in to consideration and provide you with a 12-16 weeks plan to make sure you look your best for the occasion.


This package is for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want to increase or decrease their bodyweight but wants to shape up, build some muscle and lose a little body fat. Perfect if You want to tighten up the waist and shape up your shoulders without the hassle of a bulk or a cut