A pre-workout energy supplement is an excellent product to use before the start of your workout or sport if you’re feeling tired or lacking in energy.


Empower Supercharged has been meticulously manufactured using a finely balanced blend of ingredients, formulated to enhance energy, muscle pump, mental focus, performance and endurance. Available in our signature Sherbet flavour, each tub contains 25 servings.


Advantages of Using Pre-Workout

Empower Supercharged pre-workout gives you everything you need to exceed your mental and physical boundaries.


Using a pre-workout prior to going to the gym or playing a sport can help reduce fatigue, improve focus, protect your body against stress and increase your endurance.


When to Take Empower Supercharged

Mix 1 scoop (17.5g) of Empower Supercharged with 200ml of water. Consume 20-25 minutes before exercise.


What’s In Empower Supercharged Pre-Workout?

Empower Supercharged provides research based doses of the optimum ingredients for a pre-workout formula. The active ingredients used to create this high performance pre-workout

Empower Supercharged Pre-Workout

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